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green housecleaner in Riverport

Jodie Turner launched TreeHugger Cleaning Services in 2014 - and since then, have experienced much satisfaction in bringing the "Sparkle" back to fulltime homes, parttime cottages and rental units. I have experienced Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and test all products before using them on-location. While on location, our team works hard to get the job done and done well. After we leave, clients often take delight at discovering the little extras we do over the next several days.

inhouse hairstyle services in Riverport

Margo Strowbridge takes pride "in a job well done and strives for excellence in all my duties." Margo is dedicated and honest, reliable and hardworking. Since 1975, she has worked as a Master Hairstylist - in salons, institutions and at clients' homes. She is all about customer service and is a dedicated volunteer in her home community of Riverport.

green housecleaner in Riverport

Allan Malinen is a shipwright, carpenter and do-it-yourselfer home-owner, and has a wealth of practical knowledge. He takes pride in a job well done, instinctively keeps an eye on things and has a good sense of when something isn't quite right - and has the tools and know-how to fix the problem - or he can recommend a repair or upgrade to various systems when necessary.

Tree Hugger Cleaning Services - Nova Scotia