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green housecleaner in Riverport

Treehugger Jodie Turner

We launched TreeHugger Cleaning Services in 2014 and since then, have experienced much satisfaction in bringing the "Sparkle" back to fulltime homes, parttime cottages and rental units. For several years, I lived with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and test all products before using them on-location. While onsite, our team works hard to get the job done and done well. After we leave, and over the next several days, clients often take delight at discovering TreeHugger's extra TLC services - they can see firsthand that we love what we do!

green housecleaner in Riverport

Treehugger Allan Malinen

Allan is a very handy guy to have on-site! A shipwright, carpenter and do-it-yourselfer home-owner, he has a wealth of practical knowledge. He repaired a dining room chair for one of our rental clients. He takes pride in a job well done and is great with a vacuum cleaner - going corner-to-corner, under mats and cushions. He instinctively keeps an eye on things and has a good sense of when something isn't quite right - and has the tools and know-how to fix the problem - or he can recommend a repair or upgrade to various systems when necessary. He definitely is a source of comfort to our clients who are seasonal residents.

Healthy home . . . healthy planet!

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