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You deserve the best and the healthiest cleaning services in Lunenburg County! And to enjoy a reasonably priced, positive, sparkling difference in your home or place of business.

TreeHugger's Jodie Turner

TreeHugger's Jodie Turner

Friendly TreeHugger facts:

  • You can feel confident with TreeHugger's 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Feel comfortable knowing your home or business is cleaned with safe, effective, environmentally friendly products
  • Your clean house or place of business is easy to fit in with our flexible scheduling
  • Enjoy security with fully bonded, RCMP criminal checked TreeHuggers. Whatever is in your home stays in your home (objects or personal information)!
  • Free no obligation quotes - at your convenience

I have experienced Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and test all products before using them on-location.

Rest assured, your needs will be met with a reasonably priced, dependable, personalized plan.

Healthy home . . . healthy planet!

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